10 free online courses every professional should complete

Free online courses: There is no doubt, you are an extensive professional in your career. Yet, whether you will continue in your life, you will learn more new things. There are many things for learning from others who are competent people. A question was asked to the founder of Khan Academy Mr. Salman Khan. He said, “Many successful people have increased their professional skills from some online free courses“. So, everyone must complete these free courses. Take a look here are 10 free online courses for you.

1. Share Market Course

10 free online courses every professional should complete

Here you will get ideas about how to invest in the Share Market. Although you have no economic background even you can do this course. You can start with “What it means to buy a company’s stock” in the course of Khan Academy. You can take the primary ideas about “Stock” or “Bond”.

2. Entrepreneurship


You can learn from Elon Musk – CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX, about how to become a sponsor. You will come to know how the successful organizer in the world does manage their organization in a successful way.

3. Computer programming

Computer programming

Learn programming to survive in the era of computers. Anyone can get some benefits through this site. You can be a good programmer by completing the “INTRO TO JS (JavaScript): DRAWING & ANIMATION”.

4. Humanities

Go over to the history of the modern world. By reading “US History overview – WWII to Vietnam”. Here Salman Khan enhanced neatly in front of you about the next time of Second World War.

5. Finance and capital markets

Start the “Gross and Operating Profit” course to know about – How various organizations earning money. You will be able to understand how to gain profits from any business. Now you will never face the problems of Gross Profit, Operating Profit, or Net Profit.

Finance and capital markets

6. Economics

Get an idea about the relation between America and China in the field of business by “Floating exchange resolving the trade imbalance” course.

7. Astronomy

How big the earth is? – Let get the idea from the “Scale of earth and sun” course. Maybe much all of you have read about it. But you will get a clear idea about “Change of Climate” or “Position of the earth in the solar system” from this course.

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8. Cosmology

“Cosmological Time Scale” – you will get ideas about the universe within 15 minutes. You will get huge ideas about “The history of “mankind” and “Cosmology”.

9. Personal Finance

“Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and Effective APR” – you will get knowledge about credit cards. All of you use a credit card, so this course is very necessary. How the bank process the credit cards and how APR works – you will be able to understand easily.

10.  Life skills

If you want to know the strategy of the business, then you can complete this “Balance sheet and income statement relationship” course. If you are a businessman then this course is very important for you.

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