10 Signs A Man Is Losing Interest In A Relationship

Man Is Losing Interest In A Relationship: Some relationships fly apart in a flurry of anger, arguments, and emotion. In other cases, the changes are more subtle, with a gradual distance forming between partners until all of a sudden, it’s become too vast to cross. Sometimes one person will sense that rift forming. Other times, it appears out of the blue and all they can do is watch the relationship crumble around them and wonder what they could have done differently.

What are some signs a partner is losing interest and what can be done to assess the situation? Here’s what to know. 

Many of us have been there: everything is going great, the connection seems spot on, and then seemingly out of nowhere, something has gone awry. While none of us plan for our relationship to fail, sadly, sometimes things can get off track.

When this happens, we can go one of two ways: either work on the relationship to see if the hurdle is something we can overcome, or decide to part ways. Ultimately, how you handle this information is between you and your partner.

With that in mind, no one wants their partner to lose interest. However, it does happen. If you are beginning to get the sinking feeling that your partner is losing interest.

Be careful to look out for 10 Signs A Man Is Losing Interest In A Relationship.

1. He doesn’t initiate contact.

If you are the one who is always calling or texting him, and barely ever receive a text from him unless you send one first, this is a bad sign. Or, if he takes hours upon hours to text or calls you back when you’ve reached out, and he doesn’t bother to say why this could indicate he’s lost interest.

2. He gets rude and defensive.

He gets rude and defensive
Man Is Losing Interest In A Relationship-Rude Behavior

If you’ve noticed a major attitude change, seemingly out of nowhere, it can be off-putting. Where there once was a man who was sweet and funny, now he’s acting annoyed, defensive, and snappy. While this could mean that he is simply stressed out, it could also mean that he is losing interest.

3. He makes excuses.

10 Signs A Man Is Losing Interest In A Relationship
Signs A Man Is Losing Interest In A Relationship

When you want to hang out with him, he always has something better to do. And while people do get busy- if he has an excuse for every time you want to talk to him or spend time with him, it could mean he has lost interest.

4. When you are with him, he seems far away.

Oftentimes, even when someone doesn’t say they have lost interest, they show this by becoming less present. At first, he may seem distracted. But, after so long, if you are feeling lonelier in his presence than in his absence, your gut is likely telling you something.

5. He doesn’t discuss the future anymore.

Where there was once discussion about the future ahead, now he makes no mention of it. Instead, he seems intentionally vague about where the connection is going. Unfortunately, this could mean he doesn’t see you in his future any longer.

6. He makes zero effort.

People make time for the people they want to be around. If you are always the one putting in the effort, and he the relationship has become one-sided, this is not good.

7. Physical intimacy changes.

This can happen in one of two ways: either the intimacy will completely drop off, or it’s all the relationship is. It honestly depends on the nature of the relationship and his personality. But, it’s really important to trust your gut on this one. 8 Signs Your Relationship Is Falling Apart

8. He flirts with other women.

10 Signs A Man Is Losing Interest In A Relationship
Man Is Losing Interest In A Relationship

I don’t care what level your relationship is on, if a man is supposed to be invested in you, and you notice him openly flirting with other women in front of you, this is not only disrespectful, but it’s an indication he is no longer interested. Either way, I would say this one is a sign it’s time to talk.

9. He doesn’t want to talk about the relationship.

When you bring up the relationship or ask where it stands, he refuses to talk about it. He doesn’t want to put a label on it, and you feel uncertain. Any relationship that makes you doubt where you stand is likely not to stand at all.

10. They Don’t Make You a Priority

You need to come first in the relationship. Of course, there are always going to be times when the kids take priority, but the number one in any relationship should be one another. If your partner is more interested in being with friends and indulging in other hobbies, then they’re not taking the relationship seriously. To get to the root of this, it’s important to understand what is driving the spouse to take on other activities (are they working too much because they hate being home or because they’re trying to provide for their family?), and what shaped your own attitudes about how your parents related to one another?

“For example,” she says, “a person who saw one parent forced into the activities of others may value letting each person choose and may see this as a sign of ‘health.’ What works in any given relationship is what works for those two people not based on some universal agreement about ‘All couples should want to spend time together.’ ”

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