7 Android Apps That Can Steal Your FB Password And More

Apps That Can Steal Your FB Password: I hope you remember the basics that, the Internet is a large network spread worldwide connecting all of us. The most favoured device to access this network is the smartphone. Each of us has one and we use it very frequently to access the Internet whenever we have a question in mind if we want entertainment or to enjoy services offered by millions of apps.

Well, the popularity of smartphones inspires developers worldwide to create amazing android applications to attract users. But users usually forget that cybercrime is also a term, affecting millions and they can also be a victim. These cybercriminals target the majority of users by creating lucrative services offering apps and recording or saving their sensitive information in exchange without consent.

Social Media Platforms & Android Apps- Opportunities For Cyber Criminals

Social media platforms like Facebook, have given cybercriminals adequate opportunities to get their hands on the personal and sensitive information of the users which are millions in number. Plus you should know that many android apps, despite being completely authentic, contain spyware like “Facestealer” which steals sensitive information.

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Here Are The Seven Data Stealing Android Apps That Can Steal Your FB Password, Suspectedly Contains “Facestealer”

Enjoy Photo Editor

This app will get your attention by promising professional photo editing features. App Offers amazing options like background changing, face & body editing, stickers, epic collages, image editing with text and much more. But beware of this app as it will be having spyware. You should immediately delete this app and try other photo editors available online.

Business Meta Manager

This will be the most authentic-looking app you will ever see because it’s designed in this way to deceive you. But uninstall it if you have it.

Cryptomining Farm Your own Coin

Millions of people daily dream of becoming millionaires overnight. New crypto trading platforms are taking advantage of their desire and are deceiving them. This application is not so different, it offers crypto mining services but will eventually just steal your data.

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