7 Things You Should Do After Waking Up For a Perfect Day

You know the drill: open eyes, get up, move robotically to the bathroom, dress up, and get out. Admit it, this is your morning routine. No wonder you’re not functioning at full capacity. Things You Should Do After Waking Up- No wonder you’re having a really hard time pulling yourself together just enough to be able to smile at your colleagues. No wonder you complain that you can’t find anything that makes your day better.

Start feeling better about your day. Every morning there are a few things that you do as a part of your morning routine right? But, to make your morning more perfect, there are a few things you should do after waking up.

Now your morning routine may be anything. Some people make themselves a cup of tea or coffee every morning. And only after you drink your cup of tea or coffee do you know that your morning has actually started.

So, if you wake up happy, then on your date I’ll go happy. And if you wake up sad or angry, then the rest of you will have negative energy.

Things You Should Do After Waking Up

1. Write A Short Note In Your Journal

Things You Should Do After Waking Up
Things You Should Do After Waking Up

The morning stillness, the quiet moments before dawn are often the most unique moments of the day. Doing some sort of journaling, or mind emptying, at that time can be magical. It creates a flow that, somehow, perpetuates itself along the hours, like a red string, keeping you aware and awake. It doesn’t have to be complex. Simply, empty your mind in your notebook for five minutes, as soon as you wake up. As simple as it may seem, It really makes your day better.

2. Get Rid Of A Useless Object

There is no better moment to do that than in the morning. Clear your house, clear your closet, clear your mind. Throwing away a useless object creates a state of clarity and a subtle feeling of being lighter. Now, the object must be really useless, otherwise, you will end up throwing away your entire house.

3. Meditate 10 Minutes

Things You Should Do After Waking Up
Things You Should Do After Waking Up

I cannot stress enough the benefits of meditation. Our mind, as useful as it is for understanding the universe, can also create a lot of trouble, if left unattended. Learning to tame the mind and make it a faithful servant is one of the most important habits you can create. Do this by meditating in the morning. It will set the entire day on a much crispier and more comfortable path.

4. Drink Water

Things You Should Do After Waking Up
Things You Should Do After Waking Up-Drink Water

You should also start drinking water every morning. If you drink lukewarm or hot water every morning, it will be beneficial for your health as well.

Moreover, you can also add lemon and honey to water. This is also good for losing weight as well. Drinking water boosts your metabolism, and if your metabolism is good, your day ahead will also be good.

5. Get Out In The Sun

Things You Should Do After Waking Up
Things You Should Do After Waking Up

Another step you should add to your morning routine is going out in the sun. Sun is a really good source of vitamin d.

Vitamin d will give you the needed energy. And you will have the needed energy in the morning for the day.

6. Visualize 3 Moments From The Day To Come

This is a very powerful exercise. You must identify and define the moments you want to experience. This can be extremely beneficial. However, if you also try to visualize yourself actually doing what you decided to do, it will add magnitude to the whole thing. I often find myself in moments almost identical to what I visualized in the morning.

7. Take A Walk

Things You Should Do After Waking Up
Things You Should Do After Waking Up

Take a stroll in the quiet, fresh air of the morning. No pressure, no thoughts, no worries. Move around your neighborhood and be. A quiet morning walk can be cleansing. The personal space I create with that walk is very powerful. Don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself.

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