8 Signs Your Relationship Is Falling Apart

8 Signs Your Relationship Is Falling Apart: No one wants to consider the fact that their relationship may be falling apart, but unfortunately, not all relationships last. And while it may be a difficult thing to consider, if you are starting to realize it simply isn’t working, you are likely seeking clarity.

When a relationship begins to deteriorate, there are many things to consider. First and foremost, you likely want to know if things truly are falling apart, or if it’s just a rough patch. Secondly, you need to consider whether the relationship is worth saving. But, before you reach that point, it helps to make sure that things truly are as bad as they seem.

Recognize the early signs your relationship is falling apart and determine whether to fix it – or leave it. How to save your relationship starts with acknowledging the signs your relationship is failing.

Sometimes, a relationship can slowly start to dwindle, and falling out of love signs can take a while to become clear–so how do you know if you’re falling out of love with someone or if you’re just in a rut?

If you are worried your relationship is falling apart, these 8 signs indicate a relationship that is moving in a bad direction.

8 Signs Your Relationship Is Falling Apart

1. You’ve stopped caring, and so have they.

Where there was once passion and love, now lies apathy. When you are together, neither of you tries and your relationship feels more like an empty and forced friendship than a relationship. And where there once was an attempt at trying to make it work, it’s like you have both given up.

2. You feel like you are in a war and no one is going to win.

Rather than working together, you have grown to feel like you are against the other, in a war. You have no common ground, and everything is grounds for a disagreement. It feels like a war, and you are starting to wonder if you should surrender.

3. You fantasize about being single all the time.

You’ve started to wonder what it would be like if you were single, and not just wondering though that goes away, instead, it’s a fantasy that you constantly hold onto. You feel more content in this fantasy than you do in reality.

4. You’ve tried and failed at fixing your problems to no avail.

You have both tried to make attempts to fix the relationship, and failed time and time again. Each time you try to fix things, they end up worse than before, and now you are wondering how much more the relationship can take.

5. Even when you are together, it’s like you are alone.

When you are together, you feel like you are still by yourself. You don’t communicate, and when you do, it’s not reciprocated or on common terms.

6. When you fight, it’s ruthless.

But when you do finally fight, it’s not a fight for the relationship, it feels more like a fight to the death. You both say hateful and cruel things to each other and walk away feeling worse than before.

7. You’re turning to someone else for your needs.

While in some cases this may mean physical needs, it can also and often is emotional. You can’t confide in your partner and you find yourself in need of love and affection. Instead of being able to get that from your partner, you are met with cold distance from them.

8. One of you wishes to fix the relationship and the other does not.

To fix a failing relationship, both of you must want that. But, when one of you wants to fix it and the other is a brick wall, it’s not a good sign for where the relationship is heading.

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