Akshay Kumar and Kapil Sharma Miscommunication Solved

Akshay Kumar and Kapil Sharma Miscommunication: Comedian Kapil Sharma Called Out Akshay Kumar To Solve The Matter

Due to the recent misunderstanding, the episode of the movie Bachan Pandey’s promotion was on hold. Akshay Kumar refused to promote his upcoming movie on the Comedian’s show. To solve this matter Kapil called Akshay Kumar and resolve the conflict that occurred between them.

The latest tweet of Kapil Sharma states that the matter between the two has been solved. Kapil said Akshay Kumar is my big bro and we have solved the communication gap that occurred between us. Now all is well and they are meeting very soon to shoot the promotional episode of Bachan Pandey. Kapil added Akshay can never be annoyed with him. The new episode of Kapil Sharma Show is going to epic when the cast of the film Bachan Pandey will arrive.

Here take a look at Kapil Sharma’s recent Tweet On Akshay Kumar and Kapil Sharma Miscommunication

The recent communication gap between Superstar Akshay and Kapil Sharma

Recently a communication gap arose between actor Akshay Kumar and comedian Kapil Sharma. As per the reports, Akshay Kumar was not interested to promote his upcoming movie, Bachan Pandey. Till now superstar Akshay has promoted every single film on Kapil Sharma Show. Many seasons of Kapil’s Show were aired and Akshay has been a loyal guest by arriving at all the seasons. Due to Akshay’s presence on Kapil’s show many episodes reached new heights of TRP.


Akshay Kumar and Kapil Sharma Miscommunication Solved

According to a report on Hindustantimes.com, Akshay Kumar refused to go on Kapil Sharma’s show to promote Bachchan Pandey. According to the source, it all began when Akshay was Kapil’s show recently and the comedian asked him about an interview he asked PM Modi how he liked eating mangoes. To which Akshay challenged him to openly name the personality but Kapil changed the topic. The clip of this conversation between the two is what led to the friction. Reportedly, Akshay Kumar had requested the channel not air this portion as it made light of the PM’s office but the clip was leaked online.

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