Fat Dad – A Big Fat Neighbourhood Store For All Your Needs

Fat Dad, one-of-a-kind and a spotlight name in itself is a stunning store in the heart of Panchkula. Saying so, a great supermarket can make your grocery shopping a pleasure. However, not all grocery markets are created equal. Some are perfect for finding fresh and organic produce while others have a wonderfully wide selection of specialty products. Nevertheless, this Dad has some big fat items including various national and international products at surprisingly amazing discounts.

Fat Dad – A Big Fat Neighbourhood Store For All Your Needs

Located in Sector 10, Panchkula, Haryana, this store has a breath-taking view, inside out. The two-level treasure house of ingredients both fresh and packaged, for every kind of Asian cuisine, is known for its immense selection and its best deals. Fat Dad is a one-stop shop that provides a stress-free shopping experience, cost-effective service, and complete happiness.

After price, product quality, and the variety of commodities a store carries are among the most important reasons people chose to shop where they do. At Fat Dad, you can purchase everything under a single roof with great ease and fascinating offers.

Remarkably, Fat Dad has three segments. One includes Grocery, the second includes Home Décor under the name ‘Yellow Tittle’ and last but not least – a cute and enchanting café by the name ‘Owling’. As amazing and catchy they are designated, there is an equal amount of fun-filled shopping with eye-catching products and luscious food.

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Home Décor at Yellow Tittle

If you have your heart set on a treasure from a particular era, start your hunt here. No matter whether your personal library is huge or small, a bookcase is a perfect place to put books on display in your home. Bookcases, however, are not only for books, you can also use them to decorate patterns, including precious memorabilia and assorted knick-knacks. Yellow Tittle, situated in the basement of Fat Dad provides the latest variety of crockery, decorative flower pots, various types of graceful gifts at best deals. Their experienced and professional team combines best-in-class quality products and provides the finest store experience.

It’s one of the best home décor stores for ornate lighting, tapestry-worthy covers, tabletop accessories, all sourced from a global mix of designers and makers. An eclectic collection of furniture and home décor accessories sourced and customized comes to life at this lovely color of sunshine and happiness ‘Yellow Tittle’. While you might wander into Fat Dad for their always-impressive collections, their home section is truly the stuff of legend.

To be frank, it seems that this section of Fat Dad was founded on a philosophy of upholding quality and simplicity, and their attention to detail while keeping prices fair. This vintage and contemporary home décor are always buzzing with fresh finds.

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Why wait? Check out this big fat store and get budget-friendly products to enhance the interior of your beautiful house.

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