Free Netflix on Airtel Post Paid: Everything You Need To Know

Free Netflix on Airtel: Airtel is all set to give its users more than a fantastic internet experience. Yes! With the new plans for Airtel post-paid users, a free Netflix will be bundled with the purchase. This is not valid for all the plans but is only limited to a new addition array. 

They have revamped one of their existing packs and added a new one to the lineup. The upgrade has been made for the INR 999, now available for INR 119. And a new INR 1599 pack has been launched.

With these new broadband packs, let’s check out what a post-paid Airtel user will get.

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Free Basic Netflix On Airtel 1199 Post Paid Pack 

This is one of the budget options which does contain all the benefits. Additionally, it includes a free Netflix Basic subscription every month. Moreover, you’d also get Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Airtel Xtreme, and handset protection. 

The data rollover is only for 150 GB of data left for the current month, and as usual, you’ll get an unlimited supply of calls in all domains except international. 

Free Standard Netflix On Airtel 1199 Post Paid Pack 

The packs contain a Netflix Standard subscription every month. But that’s not all; you would also be getting Disney+ Hotstar, Airtel Xtreme, a free add-on connection with unlimited calls and handset protection.

Apart from all this, the plan also comes with a 500 GB data rollover and unlimited calls in all domains except international. 

Which One Should You Choose?

The benefits are already mentioned above, and if you’re not a power user, then either of these packs is not meant for you. But if you’re into OTTs such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Disney+ Hotstar, you should consider buying these.

Additionally, the INR 1199 is a good plan for a single individual, but if you’re on shared access, spending a few extra bucks on the second plan should be more beneficial.

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