Google Bans 10 Applications From Play Store, Stealing Data

Google Bans 10 Applications From Play Store: Every application that wants to be registered on Google Play Store has to go through an intense security check. Before being made available for the users to download, Google forced the apps to undergo multiple layered security processes. But eventually and rarely some malicious apps find their ways to avoid the security measures. After being listed on the Play Store users download them before even thinking twice because Google is the most reliable source known.

But it does not take too long for Google’s powerful security to find them and bans them from the play store. But generally millions of users already become their prey in between this whole process. And Google only ensures the prevention of further data stealing by these apps.

Data Stealers On Google Play Store

10 Android Apps Banned With Millions of Downloads

Google Bans 10 Applications From Play Store, Stealing Data

Recently Google has banned the 10 most popular android apps that were stealing user data. These apps were having more than 60 million downloads, meaning the huge population has already become their prey.

It was revealed by the report in Wall Street Journal, these 10 applications were focusing on stealing data in bulk and sending the report to the hackers. Moreover, these apps were capable of recording and sending exact location, contacts, emails, passwords, etc to hackers.

How The Hackers Were Using These Apps?

Google Bans 10 Applications From Play Store, Stealing Data
How The Hackers Were Using These Apps

These stealing apps were the tool operated by the hackers to get access to the user’s smartphone. They were using a ‘cut and paste method to execute data theft. Whenever a user copies their OTP or password they steal the information through the app. According to the reports these hackers were somehow able to access the downloaded files of WhatsApp. We are providing you with the list of 10 apps banned by Google, if you have them installed, please immediately remove them.

Here Is a List Of 10 Android Apps Google Has Banned:

  • Speed Radar Camera
  • Al-Moazin Lite (Prayer times)
  • Wi-Fi Mouse (Remote Control PC)
  • QR & Barcode Scanner (Developed by AppSource Hub)
  • Qibla Compass – Ramadan 2022
  • Simple Weather & Clock Widget (Developed by Difer)
  • Smart kit 360
  • Handcent Next SMS- Text With MMS
  • Full Quran M P3-50 Languages & Translation Audio
  • Audiosdroid Audio Studio DAW

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