How To Boost Your Instagram Marketing Strategy: 5 Best Ways

Instagram Marketing Strategy: Every business owner should understand the value of Instagram. However, getting enough engagement and acquiring consumers on Instagram with the evolving Instagram algorithm is pretty challenging. As such, we’re going to share the best Instagram marketing strategies that might help you improve your strategy.

Is your Instagram marketing strategy actually resulting in sales?

If the answer is “no” and you’re in the eCommerce space, it’s time to do some soul-searching.

Because to say that business is booming on Instagram would be a massive understatement.

According to Instagram themselves, 60% of users rely on the platform to research and discover products. As a result, retailers and eCommerce brands alike are treating Instagram as a sort of extension of their existing storefronts.

Instagram’s status as a hub for e-commerce sales doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, either.

The good news? Given how much the platform has evolved and grown, now’s a prime time to rethink your Instagram marketing strategy. For brands primarily interested in scaling their sales from social media, we’ve highlighted four actionable Instagram marketing tips below.

Below listed are some of the ways How To Boost Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing Strategy #1: Post more often

Your least effective post is the one that you do not publish.  It is essential that you post at least once a day to increase your following and maximize your marketing efforts. However, if possible, increase the number of posts.  By increasing the frequency of your posts, you can increase your chances of engagement.  Additionally, you teach the algorithm to strengthen the relationship with people who frequently engage with your content.  This is one of the most successful Instagram engagement hacks we’ve seen so far.

Instagram Post
Instagram Post

Consider some of the most quickly growing firms on Instagram. They all publish many posts each day and maintain a high level of interaction.  Therefore, never hesitate to post content to your feed often.  The trick is to maintain a high level of quality while posting regularly. On increasing the number of posts per day, your content will likely gain more automatic Instagram likes leading to more engagement for your images and videos in your feed.

Instagram Marketing Strategy #2: Post content that you know works

Never waste your time redoing things that won’t work.  A well-known adage that we may use to produce compelling Instagram posts.  Admit it or not,  your audience already has expressed their interest in the type of content that would like to see from you. Your Instagram Insights provide the key to what to publish on Instagram. While browsing over your Instagram profile:

  1. Use Insights
  2. Proceed to Posts
  3. Choose “Engagement”
Instagram content
Instagram content

Following that, compare the engagement levels of your top five to ten content and take note of any commonalities.

  • Have you included a picture, a video, or a carousel?
  • Which hues did you choose?
  • Which caption style did you use?

Of all of the Instagram engagement tips we’ve included here, this is probably the most beneficial.  It enables you to identify the precise type of content to generate to boost engagement and prevent you from spinning the wheel.

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Instagram Marketing Strategy #3: Organize Your Feed

When you use Instagram for business, it is quite natural that some posts may deviate from your performance.  The more time a person spends on your Instagram page, the deeper your connection with that person becomes. This is what the Instagram algorithm looks at when arriving at significant decisions.

Instagram feeds
Instagram feeds

However, not all content will benefit your stay on-page. Several examples include the following:

  • Happy with previous promotions
  • Content with a lower engagement rate than the industry average
  • Appropriate for retired branding

However, you may continue to monitor the comments and statistics for those posts.

Instagram Marketing Strategy #4: Use Hashtags Appropriately

  1. Ensure that the hashtags that you use are appropriate to your business. Conduct research on hashtags.
  2. Each post should have at least nine hashtags.
Instagram Hashtags
Instagram Hashtags

2-To 3 hashtags have a combined total of over 200k posts and they match your industry or niche

1-2 hashtags with your brand’s name

Take note that you may use hashtags in your  comments or captions

Although no evidence exists to prove a significant advantage of one approach over the other, here is a pro suggestion for you:  Include one hashtag in each of your narrative posts.  That is correct. Hashtags are also useful within tales. Business money-making ideas in 2022

Instagram Marketing Strategy #5: Create Instagram-Specific Landing Pages

Instagram only offers brands a single, precious bio link to funnel traffic directly from the platform to your website.

Don’t let this real estate go to waste.

For example, don’t just publish a general homepage link in your Instagram bio. Doing so limits your ability to assess the behavior or your social traffic or the ROI of your Instagram marketing strategy. Oh, and you’ll want to make sure that your destination pages are optimized for Instagram’s mostly mobile user base.

This is exactly why many brands promote Instagram-specific landing pages or, at the very least, mobile-optimized landing pages. The benefit here is two-fold: you create a seamless shopping experience for visitors and have an opportunity to measure how well your Instagram followers convert.

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