How To Know My IP Address Location?

IP Address Location: IP stands for ‘Internet Protocol.’ IP includes a certain set of rules that describes data format sent through any medium like the internet. An IP address is a special address where a device can be recognized based on this unique address. When information is sent through a network, the interconnection between this sent and received ones are handled by this IP address. Without it, there could not be a link between sending and receiving data.

An IP address which is a 32-bit number is expressed in dotted or decimal format. It identifies the computer or other devices on a network. A new version of the IP address uses a 128-bit number. IPv4 and IPv6 are subnetworks of IP networks. If an IP address is leaked or stolen, our data can be misused by hackers. Sometimes two or more devices of the same network may have the same IP address; one will be the duplicate and could not be used properly. You also need a high-speed router to have a good internet connection.

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How To Know My IP Address Location?

The IP address of any device can be used to track individuals who do malpractices on the network and help discover all sorts of information, such as messages and things posted online. It reveals your web browsing. As per records, there are billions of possible IP addresses, and trillion combinations are there. It forms an essential part of the working of the internet.

It helps data to travel around the networks and reach the right destinations. Each IP class is based on a different routing. IETF and IANA preserve some types for unique purposes.

To know what the IP address of a specific computer is (Windows 10):

Open the Windows start menu present on the bottom and right-click and go to Network Connection.

  • The Network Connection screen will be visible. Wireless Network Connections or Local Area Connection
  • Open Support tab
  • Click Details

After you are done checking the connection and establishing a network access point,

  • Visit the control panel of your device from the Windows start menu.
  • Then click on network and internet.
  • The network and sharing option is selected. After that, click on view network status and tasks.
  • A local area connection is established, and a window will appear.

From the details button, we will be able to find the IP address. We can know our IP address just by typing it in google.

There are four types of IP addresses:

. Public 

. Private

. Static

. Dynamic

A static IP address does not change, but the dynamic IP address changes over time. Public and private IP addresses are also available. The public addresses are the global ones used on the internet, while private ones are used for work in a local network. Private IP addresses cannot access the outside world or communicate with external devices. Static and dynamic IP addresses are referred to as public IP addresses; information can be transferred and available on the internet. At the same time, private ones are invisible and reserved for private networks, which can also be static or dynamic where limitations exist. The risk and insecurity can be reduced by using a private IP address.

Components of IP address:

    • Address class
    • Default mask
    • Host field
    • Non-default mask
    • Subnet field
    • Network field

Two types of website IP addresses:

  • Shared IP address
  • Dedicated IP address

IP addresses enable the internet to differentiate between computers and networks. They are strings of numbers assigned mathematically and not randomly. It is available as a human-readable number. We can protect our IP address by using VPN and proxy server. It is also helpful in resolving troubleshooting problems. Therefore it is important to manage our IP address.

Everything in this world is bound by rules governing that specific system as our address helps a delivery person deliver a product to the right destination. Similarly, IP addresses help information to reach its right destination. The internet protocol defines the security of our data being received or sent. The IP address denotes the individuality of an address. Free online tools are also available to know the IP address location. Different methods are used to see the IP address location of other gadgets.


In conclusion, to know about our IP address, the procedures can be easily available online. Or it can be obtained from Google search just by typing ‘IP address of my location.’ Otherwise, it can be accessed from our computer itself. Before we know about the IP address of our location, we should have a vague idea about the terms, types, and procedures related to IP address. The basic information sent and received is due to this IP address. Behind this process involves a great pathway. This helps us in finding the location, and many features can be available within an IP address.

Shared and dedicated IP addresses are two types of website IP addresses. Public, private, dynamic, and static are the types of IP addresses. Static means it remains the same our time while dynamic changes over time. Public IP connects us to a wider network, and all the information searched will be available. Cybersecurity in the era of regular online shopping

On the other hand, private enables private networks only. IP addresses give details about our city, country, location, etc. Many may not be aware of this system available. Different ranges and advanced technologies to track IP address locations are available in this modern scenario. Many crimes can be prevented and also investigated using these IP addresses. The term may be familiar, but many don’t know about its advantages and purposes. The time may be expected, but many don’t learn about its benefits and purposes.

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