Facebook Private Accounts: How To View Locked Facebook Profile Details

How To View Locked Facebook Profile Details: Want to view someone’s Facebook profile? But what if that someone has locked his profile? You must have often noticed that many people keep their profiles locked on Facebook. But if you receive a friend request or message from a locked profile, you get confused.

Viewing locked profiles on Facebook is easy with these simple tricks and tips.

After all, why do people lock profiles on Facebook?

Actually, there are many people who sneak peek into Facebook. To protect users from such people, Facebook has implemented the Locked Profile feature. The best part is that if you choose Locked Profile for your Facebook ID, then no other user can see the photo other than your friends. One good thing about this feature is that no unknown person can see your posts and other information.

Also, a screenshot of your locked profile cannot be taken. If it is a matter of your privacy, then the matter seems fine. But the problem comes when you get a friend request from a locked profile. Because of not being able to see the profile, there is a lot of difficulty in accepting the request.

How To View Locked Facebook Profile Details

Tricks to see locked Profile

First trick:

Viewing Locked Profile on Facebook is not so difficult. First of all, go to Locked Profile on your laptop or desktop. Then right-click on the profile picture. Now tap on Copy Image Address. Open a new window and paste the URL in it. The photo of the Locked Profile will be shown.

Second trick:

There is another option to see the Locked Profile. Read the username of the locked profile. Now go to ‘http://graph.facebook.com/username/userid/picture?width=2000&height=2000’ and write name instead of the username. The profile picture will appear.

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