Salaries Of Bollywood Biggest Actresses

Salaries Of Bollywood Biggest Actresses: Our Bollywood films are popular worldwide, their craze has grown largely. Now people are recognizing our Hindi Cinema among the biggest film industry in the world. A fair amount of credit for this establishment goes to the influential presence of your Bollywood stars. They attract the eyes of everyone in the world by developing such a charming personality. Special our Bollywood divas, they have captured the heart of everyone with their talent.

If we remind ourselves than then actresses like Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, Alia Bhatt are now leading the Bollywood industry. They have acquired so much fame with their hard work and an excellent amount of fortune also.

Let us take a look at the salaries of Bollywood Biggest Actresses.

If we start with Deepika Padukone, reports suggest that she has earned an amount of Rs.15 crore for her latest movie Gehraiyaan. When the movie was released on Amazon Prime an OTT platform she rose the amount of Rs.12 crore to 15.

Salaries Of Bollywood Biggest ActressesSalaries Of Bollywood Biggest Actresses

Next on the list is our desi girl Priyanka Chopra, she has gathered a lot of popularity in recent years and shown her stunning skills to the world. She has charged Rs.8 crore for the movie Sky Is Pink. But after the charges increased to Rs.10 crore for Jee Le Zara.

Salaries Of Bollywood Biggest Actresses

If we talk about Katrina, she has charged up to Rs.12 crore for a Bollywood movie. Anushka Sharma our next actress has earned Rs.8 crore for her latest Netflix movie named Chakda Xpress according to the report of Pinkvilla.

Salaries Of Bollywood Biggest Actresses

If we talk about Kareena Kapoor, she has been in the Bollywood presence for over 2 decades now. She takes Rs.21 crore for her hard work to be in a Bollywood movie.

Salaries Of Bollywood Biggest Actresses

The latest talent then, Alia Bhatt has gathered immense popularity these days. She gets Rs.15 crore for the film Darling. Taapsse Pannu charges Rs.5 crore for a Bollywood movie. Shradha Kapoor takes Rs.7 crore for a Bollywood project.

Kriti Sanon Net Worth is $4.4 Million in 2022. She is an Actress and Model in the Bollywood Industry. She is among the most talented and beautiful actresses who works in Bollywood and Telugu films. She has an amazing fan following in the country with over 40 million followers on Instagram. Kiriti Sanon is one of the top young actresses in the Indian Industry. She works in many super hit movies with the biggest celebrities like Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan, and others. Kriti Sanon takes a salary of Rs.4 crore to perform in a new movie.

Kriti Sanon

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