WhatsApp To Give More Control To Group Admin

WhatsApp To Give More Control To Group Admin: WhatsApp is on its way to giving more power to group admin. It is one of the most popular direct messaging apps in India. It has more than 487 million active users in India alone.

The Meta-owned messaging app is planning to give group admin the right to delete any message from the group for anyone. The feature will first be developed by Android users. The company is doing so because of numbers of Android users are more across the world. The feature will come for iPhone users but at a later stage.

This feature will help the admin to moderate the content of the group. It will also allow them to check unwanted messages in the group.

WhatsApp To Give More Control To Group Admin

The information was shared by the WABetaInfo with a screenshot that explains the feature in plain sight. It wrote, “If you are a group admin, you will be able to delete any message for everyone in your groups, in a future update of WhatsApp beta for Android.”

WhatsApp Introduces New Features: Know More

Telegram, the rival of WhatsApp already has the feature in its app where the admin can moderate the contents of the group.

Until now WhatsApp users could delete their own message in the group if they wanted to. The new feature will ensure that the admin can check there is no spread of fake news and the group participants do not spread hate.

Know-How To Sign Up For WhatsApp Beta

  1.  Open WhatsApp and You will see three dots on the top right corner.
  2.  Tap Linked Devices
  3.  Click on Multi-Device Beta
  4.  Tap on Join Beta

Benefits Of Joining Beta

When you are part of WhatsApp Beta you will be able to try all the new features first hand. Many features don’t get released in the market for general users. If you are part of Beta version, you get to experience great features that others might not know about.

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