Women’s Day: Best Gift For Wife Is An Investment Made In Her Name

International Women’s Day is just around the corner and the best gift for Wife you can give to your wife is an investment. You also need to know what tax would come with such a gift/investment. According to tax rules in India, any investment made by a husband in name of his wife is treated as a gift.

Gifts that are received by the relatives are also exempted in the hands of the transferee. The only condition is that wife needs to disclose the amount of investment as exempted income in the EI Schedule of ITR form.

Women’s Day: Best Gift For Wife

You can invest in the Senior Citizens Savings Scheme in name of your wife. The interest earned from the investment will be clubbed with your total income in Schedule SPI of ITR. In this case, the wife doesn’t need to disclose the income as it is clubbed already.

According to tax rules, cash gift received by relatives is also exempted from tax. Those relatives should be your brother, sister, spouse, any lineal ascendant or descendant of individual or their spouse.

Section 56(2)(x) of the Income Tax Act, 1961 says that if the total money received is more than Rs 50,000  without any consideration in a financial year then it would be taxed as income from other sources. Make a note that total income earned as a gift from one or more people should not exceed more than Rs 50,000 if you need to be exempt from tax.

But in case you get cash gifts of more than Rs 50,000 then show it as your income and pay your taxes. As a good citizen, you should not hide your income and pay your taxes to the government on time.

While filing ITR you should declare income from all sources otherwise Income Tax Department will raise a query on account of mismatch during the time of processing.

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